How much?

Terrestrial television reception is notorious for it's unreliability. It's quality varies enormously from area to area.
Over the years we at Maxtec have compiled a vast data-base of signal levals of the the more popular T.V. stations at locations on the east coast of Ireland. As a result we have been able to give our customers an accurate idea of what equipment they are likely to need to optain the best possible reception on their television sets.
In some areas a coat-hanger perched on top of the T.V. can be enough to get some sort of a picture, but few of us are that fortunate! In other areas we have to advise our customers that even if they built the Eifel Tower in their back garden, they wouldn't have a chance in hell of watching the tennis final at Wimbleton in the comfort of their own sittingroom.

To make it easier for you to get some idea of what you may need to get a good picture on your favorite stations, we are including an area on this page that you can fill out. Once we get the info we'll email you with what we think are the various options that should suit you.

This is our first attempt at launching this service so please bear with us if you encounter any problems!

Name: Email address: County: Street: What T.V. stations are you most interest in?

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