Maxtec supply and erect a wide range of masts and towers.

These vary in height from approximately 15ft, stayed 2 inch poles from the the roof of your house, to 150ft free standing lattice towers. We did not erect the tower in the picture above - that is used by Ireland's national broadcastig station, R.T.E. !

When it comes to obtaining good quality television reception from U.H.F. antennae, very often there is no substitute for height. We receive signals for B.B.C. and I.T.V. stations from transmitters that were never designed to transmit to the south of Ireland and subsequently sometimes we have to go to extraordinary lengths to make the most of what picture we can get. It is not unusual for customers to have a 100ft free standing mast erected on their property to carry the receiving antennae needed to get an acceptable signal on their favorite stations.

In other areas a small low gain grid type aerial attached to a chimney stack could suffice.

We offer a free site survey service in the Dublin area to those who are interested in finding out what they may need in order to get good T.V. reception. Just phone 01 285 0848 or fill in the form on the quotations page.

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