Maxtec have been installing quality T.V. antennae and satellite receiving equipment for a decade now and would like to mark the event with the launch of this new Web site.

We provide a wide range of services to both comercial and domestic areas.


  • We erect masts and towers for antennae - used by companies who want a radio link to their vans, cars etc.
  • Install satellite receiving equipment for once-off events - Conferences, Sporting fixtures or for any specific occasion a company may need satellite receiving equipment at short notice.
  • Design Television Distribution Systems for hotels, housing estates etc.
  • Install receiving equipment for Data Transmission - used by companies who need instant updates on market news and trading.
  • Supply and install terrestrial T.V. equipment.
  • Supply and install satellite receivers and dishes - 60cm to full tracking 2metre systems.
  • Erect masts for FM, ham radio,marine band antennae.

We intend to update this site on a regular basis keeping our customers informed of the latest trends and products in what is a fast changing technology. In this regard we would greatly welcome comments and suggestions on how we can improve the content of these pages. Manufacturers and wholesalers are invited to send us information on their range of equipment and this will be included in the site where applicable. (any images should be in .jpg or .gif format).

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